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Qualified and Trained Professionals: our team are experts in their field and are skilled in all aspects of this job from mixing the right proportion of the disinfectants, using high-tech equipment, to knowing where to apply the disinfectants to provide long-lasting protection from pathogens.

Safe, Eco-Friendly Product: our coatings are odorless and colorless and can be applied to any surface by our skilled personnel with our special Nano Spray devices that are compliant with the LEED standards of the US Green Buildings Council (USGBC). Our products are environmentally friendly and harmless to both humans and animals. Credits 3.2/4.2/4.5/5 under the LEED Version 3.0 accreditation system

About National MXC

We are one of Dubai’s top specialist disinfection company, delivering professional sanitizing solutions. We aim to protect people from the harmful influence of poor hygiene standards.


Our product BIONASCEPT, is unique since it is 100% eco-friendly, Biodegradable progressive, mix of a 100% chemical-free purification based on NANO technology. BIONASCEPT is harm-less to all kind of living beings & all kind of plants, transparent, odorless and water based. Killing 99.9% of all common known bacteria & viruses on a constant basis, microorganisms on treated surface Eliminating 85% of all TVOC. Also eliminates dangerous chemical vapors, smoke smell, fungus smell and all kind of smells.


Can protect building surfaces from getting dirty from vehicle smoke and pollution. and porous & nonporous surfaces (i.e. Metals, Wood, Concrete, Stone, Plastics & Polymers, Glass, fabric & Textiles & Leather, Electronics & Devices).


History of Our Product BIONASCEPT

BIONASCEPT was developed 10 years ago as a military grade disinfectant to prevent contagious diseases from spreading in navy vessels and submarines. In 2014, it was released for civil use.

Which is when our Researchers & Development team under the leadership of Mr. Eyad Shriem who has many patents registered in USPTO.

After 3 years of hard work and trials, we successfully developed the long-lasting disinfectant to be a biodegradable product which is water based and safe to inhale for humans but lethal against all pathogens. In 2017, we received our first proof of concept (POC) from the laboratories from the Road and Transportations Authority (RTA) in Dubai United Arab Emirates proving the durability and efficiency of our disinfectant to be the only certified disinfectant that can stay active on surfaces for 30 days. BIONASCEPT is applied by our skilled professionals by our sophisticated Nano Spray devices.

BIONASCEPT is a revolution in the disinfecting and sanitizing world, a powerful replacement of the traditional solutions using a revolutionary nanotechnology sterilization processes. The product is biased only on natural elements and has been repeatedly proven to be harmless, safe for Humans and Animals, meaning it is an excellent product that can be used for both Industries and Residences.


BIONASCEPT has a nanotechnology that directly damages the cell membrane, thereby destroying the structure and killing bacteria. It also oxidizes proteins, destroys the structure, and kills 99.999% of bacteria, viruses, fungi, molds, and bacterial spores.



  • 100% Eco-Friendly

  • Biodegradable

  • 99.9% Chemical-Free Purification Based on Nanotechnology

  • Harmless to Humans and Animals

  • Transparent, Odorless and Water Based

  • Kills 99.9% Of All Common Bacteria & Viruses On A Constant Basis

  • Eliminates 85% Of All TVOC

  • Eliminates Dangerous Chemical Vapors, Smoke Smell, Fungus Smells and More

  • Can Protect Building Surfaces From Getting Dirty From Vehicle Smoke And Pollution

  • Effective on Porous & Nonporous Surfaces – Metals, Wood, Concrete, Stone, Plastics & Polymers, Glass, Fabric & Textiles & Leather, Electronics & Devices

  • Our coatings are compliant with LEED standards of the US Green Buildings Council (USGBC)

  • Credits 3.2/4.2/4.5/5 under the LEED Version 3.0 accreditation system

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