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There are millions of microbial species on Earth that surround us like viruses and bacteria. While some are totally harmless, there are others that are harmful and can cause disease. Regular cleaning can only kill the bacterium that are currently present, but to remain healthy and safe, you need to ensure that no new bacterium can survive in your house or workplace. As well as maintaining high hygiene standards and following the well-known prevention tips, it is important to properly disinfect and sterilize to reduce the chances of contracting the COVID-19 virus.

How Can We help?

Living well means maintaining the hygiene of your home, vehicle and office. At National MXC, we provide professional disinfection and sterilization services with our BIONASCEPT product, proven to kill bacteria for 30 days from the day of its application. Our original formula is the most efficient nanotechnology disinfectant at transforming the surface into pollutant decomposing power, creating a durable, self-sanitizing coating for most surfaces, providing you a solid foundation for your wellness.

Can last up to 2 days on surfaces •
Toxic •
Can damage surfaces •
Brittle •

• Protects up to 30 days
• Non-toxic 100% ECO Friendly 
• No damage to surfaces
• Durable and Nano Technology Biased

BIONASCEPT has a nanotechnology that directly damages the cell membrane, thereby destroying the structure and killing bacteria. It also oxidizes proteins, destroys the structure, and kills 99.999% of bacteria, viruses, fungi, molds, and bacterial spores.



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We provide an extensive range of high-quality services tailored to each industry and customer. We always ensure a high level of hygiene and help in eliminating any hazardous situations without risk to human health.

Only few minutes to disinfect a standard room or area


Extra Care Hygiene: extremely effective against COVID-19 and Bacteria


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National MXC is one of the top specialist disinfection and sterilization companies. Our operations are all over the United Arab Emirate. 

We provide innovative solutions for a wide range of industries and healthcare providers, with our range of products that will truly revolutionize healthcare and provide safe environments for all.

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National MXC Clients range from Commercial Units, Residential Units, Commercial Buildings, Warehouses, Healthcare Facilities, Childcare, Clinics, Workplaces, Hotels, Public Transportation, Private Transportation, Poultry Farms, Restaurants, Educational Facilities, Religious Facilities, Food Factories, and Waste Vehicles and Containers.













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